Offshore IFA Residential Course


The majority of International financial advisers average a six-figure income. Our course will prepare you for a strong start to your new career. We provide you with the key building blocks, knowledge, ability, and opportunity, you provide the hard work and determination to succeed.

Upon completion, you are guaranteed a position as a Trainee International Financial Adviser at one of our partner Wealth Managers.

Classroom & Practical Workshops

  • No Previous Qualifications Required
  • Classroom based Learning
  • Practical Workshops
  • High Potential Earnings
  • Professional Career Path
  • Guaranteed job upon completion
  • Unlimited Mentoring Support

Important Information

We hold between 4 and 6 residential courses each year. The course is quite intense as we pack a lot of learning and practical skills training in a short period of time. This is designed to give the candidates the best possible start to their new careers.

As every graduate has a guaranteed immediate start, with one of our sponsor employers. The numbers are very strictly limited.


This course is closed during the pandemic.

Train towards a recognised qualification


Getting Qualified

Financial Advisers to progress from trainee to consultant level will need to obtain formal qualifications. There are several ways to do that. We recommend the Chartered Insurance Institute’s Award in Financial Planning for Non-UK based financial advisers. We have structured our syllabus so that you will learn all you need to pass the exam and gain the award.


Bringing Peace of Mind to Finding the Career of Your Dreams

After completing our course, a real high earning career awaits you, in a variety of worldwide locations.

No Previous Qualifications.

You don’t need any previous qualifications. You can complete the online course at your own pace.

No False Promises.

International Wealth Managers are always looking for new trainees. Some are happy to give our course graduates a trial. But it’s up to you to become a success, we give you the knowledge, ability, and support to help stack the odds in your favour.

Ongoing Mentoring

We will be here to mentor you as and when you need it. During your course and also after you start at your new company. We will always be here to help you.

The Key building blocks for success

We will give you a strong foundation for you to build your career on. We teach you
everything you need to succeed in the International Financial Services business today, tomorrow, in the future.


A detailed introduction to the financial markets, understand the role of an IFA and how they bring value.


Sourcing quality leads, get their attention, presentation skills, understanding the sale with ethical persuasion, handling objections and closing the deal.


The 7 lifestyle stages planning requirements understand the fact find and apply financial planning criteria to the client’s actual needs and not their perceived needs.


Understanding the correct allocation of funds, risks v reward, effects of compounding growth, reduction in yield, 3 buckets, creating solid financial solutions.


Know the needs for protection advice, for death, disability, critical illness. Understand the features of the various protection products.


Know how to evaluate clients pension needs. Understand when pension advice is required, and have a good knowledge of the various pension products and how they apply.


Identify the circumstances when there is a need for savings advice. Understand and apply the correct investment solution. Full Knowledge of the available savings products and features.


Understand the available lump sum investment products, when to advise them, structure portfolio in line with clients risk profile.


Understand the duties of an IFA throughout the sales cycle. Provide clear and unbiased advice to the client. Understand the compliance procedures, money laundering laws, and local regulations.

Ready to join something awesome?

Our FREE IFA Essentials course if fully online and is flexible.

You will be assigned a personal mentor with over 20 years experience as an IFA. They will help guide you through your training and advise you on the available opportunities after your course is complete.  Our spaces are genuinely limited, don’t be disappointed sign up today.

Don’t worry, we have your best interest at heart if you decide this is not for you that’s fine, we will leave access to the course open for you to return in future should you wish..


Common Questions

What our Graduates say!

What if I fail the course?

Our course does not have a pass or fail, however you will need to complete the course. Your mentor will guide you through the course, and help you learn at your own speed. Once the course is complete your mentor will suggest the best company for you to join based on how much onward training and support you will require.

Do I get a professional Qualification?

Our course is designed to get new IFA trainees up and running and earning as quickly as possible, it does not count as a formally recognized qualification. But we do follow the syllabus of the Chartered Insurance Institutes Award in Financial Planning for Non-UK based advisers.  We include a guide within the course to help you pass the CII exam, which can be taken at many locations around the world. After completing our course, you should be able to pass this exam without any problems.

Chartered Insurance Institute’s Award in Financial Planning for Non-UK based financial advisers.

Can I choose where I work?

The simple answer is yes. Your mentor will provide you with a list of the IFA firms and locations that are available to you and discuss the various options. It is then up to you to choose where you want to go.

Can I work from home?

Yes, you can work from any location as long as you have a computer and a good internet connection.

Are the hours flexible?

Yes, you decide how many hours a day you wish to work. You will be your own boss and can tailor a home based telesales business so that it becomes your sole income, or as a top up to your current income.

How can I work abroad?

A number of the IFA firms we work closely with recruit telesales staff to work directly in their offices in places like Dubai, Hong Kong, Moscow, and many others. Your mentor will guide you on the best choices.

How much can I expect to earn?

It depends on the way you work. For example, working from home you can charge an hourly fee and a fee for each appointment you make. An example would be an hourly fee of $30 and $100 for each appointment that is confirmed.

Other telesales people charge a commission of the sales the IFA makes, this is normally around 20%. But this is more common for telesales staff who work abroad in the IFA offices, and these can lead to six-figure incomes.

We offer several ways to get in touch:

You can chat with an agent via our live chat service, just click at the bottom right of this page.

For general support, if you are a student please either contact your personal mentor directly or drop us an email to

For recruitment inquiries, if you want to be an employer of our course graduates, please either click on the live chat below or email us to

For all other inquiries please email us to

How long does the IFA course take?

It’s entirely up to you, there are no time limits, you learn at your own pace.

How difficult is the course?

There is no pass or fail tests on our course. Although our course provides a great deal of information that needs to be learned, however, this is at your own pace.  You will retain access to the course long after you have finished and started your new career.

How soon can I start as a Trainee IFA?

You can start as soon as you complete your course. Your personal mentor will discuss your options and guide you through this.

What can I expect to earn?

As a trainee IFA working offshore we would expect you to earn in excess of $65k, most earn more. It will just depend on how hard you work. You will receive some financial help from the IFA firm you join, such as the cost of flight back, and free accommodation for a 3 or 6-month period.

What if I change my mind, or need to delay?

That’s not a problem, you can pause your course for up to 5 years.