Changing Lives

Our Changing Lives Scholarships

Our Goal is to change 20 lives in 2018

To provide free training and financial support.

Our Changing Lives initiatvie

We aim to provide new careers as International Financial advisers to 20 young Indian residents each year. We look to help those who have attained a university education but lack the opportunity to progress.  At Aspels Group through our UK and International partners have trained and deployed over 2,000 new advisers since 1998.  Most of these people have gone on to have excellent careers, or they have used the opportunity as a stepping stone onto other opportunities.  But almost all have come from the UK or other western countries.

Our new changing lives programme is aimed at increasing these opportunities for those young graduates from India who wish to start a new career in a new country earning the same as other nationalities.

We estimate the cost for each new life changed is £4,000. Aspels Group will match £1 for £1 every penny raised. 100% of funds raised will be used for the 20 recruits for 2018 -19.

As the project proceeds, we will publish full costings and full transparency.  Each new recruit will publish a monthly blog article on our site, in their own words describing their progress and experiences. You will be able to see first hand the effect your donations will have.

If the project is successful we aim to grow this each year spreading across to other countries such as the Phillipenes, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

We will publish updates on our blog.

If you wish to apply for one of these positions or feel you can offer assistance please drop us an email to

The funds raised will pay for their training, formal qualifications, business clothes, laptops, flights, and accommodation, and support for them during their first year in their new jobs, as they start living in a new country.

Most will work in the UAE and other Middle Eastern countries servicing the large expatriate community.

The cost of training to be an international Financial adviser exceeds £2,000, not including the cost of flights and accommodation, and the equipment required such as business clothes, laptops, and mobile phones. Most of the larger companies recruit from Western Countries such as the UK, USA, Australia.  Competition for financially supported training and placement is very high. The means that there is a lack of representation from the Asian nations, and we aim to address this.

There are over 2.5m Indian workers in the GCC countries. There is a huge demand for financial services in this sector, the demand is there, we aim to create the opportunity in line with our partner companies.


If you wish to donate please visit our gofundme page at:

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