What is an International IFA?

An International Independent Financial Adviser, also known as an Offshore Adviser, or Offshore Consultant.

Essentially Independent Financial Advisers who are a source of financial advice for expatriates and international investors across the world.

They are a source of independent financial advice. As they have no loyalty to one particular company.

This means they give unbiased advice to their clients. Once they establish the client’s current financial situation and objectives, they give what is known as best advice. But normally they do much more, they can be a financial coach, a friendly ear for their clients to go to for a broad range of help.

This is better for the client as an independent adviser has a wider range of products to recommend (Whole of the Market) and will normally suggest the best product or investment best suited for their client’s particular needs. This is compared to advisers from banks or insurance companies known as direct sales, they can only recommend the products and services of the company they work for.

International IFA’s are remunerated by commission payments from the company who’s products they recommended, normally the client would pay the same charges if they went to the product provider directly. This means that in almost all circumstances clients are better off using an IFA.

Advisers normally offer a free initial meeting where they can explain their services to the client, perform a fact find and provide the clients with a free report of their suggestions on how to best achieve their financial objectives